Instructions for moving server


1) Remove existing license (remove license) so it can be installed again on a different computer



2) Install software on new server, apply license (from the register button or under global settings - register).



3) Exit Core FTP Server (stop service if running).



4) Transfer over settings



Move these to the new machine after install:



CoreFTPServer\config.dat -- (location will vary, you can retrieve the current location from the global settings).
CoreFTPServer\certs\ -- (copy entire directory, location may also vary, and can be retrieved from global settigns).



The server data (config.dat) may alternatively be in the AppData or ProgramData directory, you can find the location in the global settings.


If moving from 32-bit to 64-bit, log file locations may need to be edited. Do not use the global logging option except for during setup.
Use the logging options in the domain setup under the "logging" button.




Alternatively settings can be moved over first to confirm the new server is running correctly, and then the license transferred at a later date.




Upgrading from version v1.2 to v2

In v2 "localhost" (Domain IP/Address field) resolves to the local machine's IP address instead of the loopback address. If the loopback (
is needed, it will need to be added with a comma seperated field (localhost,

You may also be required to check the "IPv4" option, if it is not already checked.




Archived versions of Core FTP Server can be found at



Moving server