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Download options:
Click on a link below to download and install Core FTP client software, for Core FTP Server, click [ Core FTP Server ] :

Core FTP LE 2.2 : free version   -   (details)

Core FTP LE x64  (64-bit)
Core FTP LE x64   (64-bit)

Core FTP LE  (32-bit)
Core FTP LE   (32-bit)

Core FTP 2.2 : Pro version  -   (details)

Core FTP Pro x64  (64-bit)
Core FTP Pro x64   (64-bit)

Core FTP Pro  (32-bit)
Core FTP Pro   (32-bit)

Core FTP MSI installs  (64-bit)

Core FTP LE   LE version -
Core FTP Pro   Pro version -

Core FTP MSI installs  (32-bit)

Core FTP LE   LE version -
Core FTP Pro   Pro version -

Core FTP 2.2 : Pro console version

Core FTP Console x64  (64-bit)
Core FTP Console  (32-bit)

Core FTP Voice Pack

The voice pack add-on enables Core FTP to inform you in a female voice of the
following events: connection, disconnection, completed transfer and transfer failure.

Voice Pack
Voice Pack

Betas, Latest Updates - Updated Feb 9th, 2024 - ver 2.3.1984

Core FTP v2.3 developer build - recent changes and updates - (details) - (notify)

Core FTP developer build   LE version  - 64-bit (http)  |   32-bit (http)
Core FTP developer build   Pro version  - 64-bit (http)  |   32-bit (http)

Previous versions of Core FTP

Download Archives    Archives

FTPx links are FTP server downloads (more reliable for dialup and slower connections),
HTTPx links are HTTP (web) server downloads.

32-bit installs run on all versions of Windows, 64-bit installs only run on x64 versions of Windows.

Ansi versions run on all versions of Windows but is recommended for Windows 98/ME & WinNT 4.0 only
The 'LE' version of the software is a freeware FTP client for unlimited personal and educational use. Business and commercial
use of Core FTP LE (as of version 1.1d) is also free under terms specified in the help file. Purchasing a license will give additional
functionality, support, and upgrades.

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