Account permissions


The account permissions configuration will allow you to specify the exact directories/folders you wish to allow a user account to have access to.





The folllowing access permissions are defined as:


Read - Allow a user to download and view files.


Write - Allow a user to upload and/or modify files.


Append - Allow a user to append or resume transfers on files.


Delete - Allow a user to delete files.


Execute -- Allow a user to execute remote programs on the server.  This is an advanced option and is not recommended due to the security issues this can create if a user is allowed to run programs on the server.


List - Allow a user to list the specified directory/folder.


Create - Allow a user to create directories/folders.


Remove - Allow a user to remove directories/folders.


Inherit rules for sub directories/folders - Allow a user the combination of above privileges to be inherited by any directories/folders they create under the specified directory/folder.



account permissions