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CoreFTP.com's secure FTP Server v2 has been released!

Core FTP Server v2 - Build 657   -   (details)

Core FTP Server x64   Core FTP Server 64-bit

Core FTP Server   Core FTP Server 32-bit

Core FTP Server 1.2 - Build 589.42:

Core FTP Server x64   Core FTP Server 64-bit

Core FTP Server   Core FTP Server 32-bit

Core FTP Server v2 - latest build   -   (details)

Documentation: http://www.coreftp.com/server/help/contents.htm

Core FTP Server Forums : Core FTP Server Forums

To purchase a Core FTP Server license : Purchase Core FTP Server

If you need to securely transfer files between computers, you can also use our free mini sftp server!

Download (or run, less than 1mb):

Latest update (Oct 10th, 2017 - ver 2.17):

32 bit - http://www.coreftp.com/server/download/msftpsrvr.exe
64 bit - http://www.coreftp.com/server/download/msftpsrvr64.exe

Take the following steps to allow others to transfer files to/from your computer:

1: Fill in the user/password fields with a user/password combination of your choice.

2: Select the port, and directory to give others access to.

3: Click start!  Now other users can access your files via Core FTP client (SSH/SFTP option checked).

Most computers will have a firewall preventing others from accessing your computer.
To get around this issue, open up Port 22 for incoming connections. This will be the
only port that is open due to the ssh/sftp protocol one connection connectivity.

This version has no permissions setup to prevent others from deleting your files.
If using NTFS, you can protect your files by changing their permissions or changing
files to be 'read only' all other hard drive formats from windows explorer.

To start the server automatically, add '-start' to the command line parameter or shortcut (ver 1.03 >=)

There will be more updates in the very near future, please bear with us!


Archived versions of Core FTP Server:

Core FTP Server supports SSL/TLS (FTPS), SFTP (SSH2), HTTPS, and clear FTP modes.

Core FTP mini SFTP server currently supports SFTP (SSH2) mode only.

Core FTP Server / sftp server

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